Classes Offered

Tne Country Playhouse Learning Center

Pre-K Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten program will prepare your child for Kindergarten by further expanding upon the developmental aspects of their individual growth. Our program offers various learning centers and developmentally appropriate activities where children are exposed to social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills. We prepare children for Kindergarten by exposing them to academic guidelines while continuing to focus on self- esteem and independence skills through our enrichment activities.  In addition to schedules and routines our learning center promotes growth in a variety of ways, and we follow the Kindergarten entrance guidelines set forth by the Enumclaw School District to ensure that your child is fully ready to enter Kindergarten with an excellent academic head start.

Milestones we focus on in Pre-K are as follows:

  • Patterning and sequencing
  • Simple math
  • Understanding size differences (big, small, short, tall, more and less)
  • Counting, printing and recognizing numerals
  • Verbally spell and print first name and introduction to last name
  • Can recall events from a story
  • Can speak in front of a group of peers (show and tell)
  • Can describe events in a photo
  • Attempts to spell and read simple words
  • Using problem solving skills in a group
  • Fine tune large and small motor skills
  • Independent problem solving
  • Confidence in a school setting
  • Secure separation from parents
  • Reinforcing self help skills
  • Enhance social skills with peer and adults